Buying good woodworking tools?

Woodworking question: With all the different companies out there making the same tools, how do I know which tools are the best ones for me?

Answer: There has never been a better time for buying tools! The interest in woodworking over the last few years has never been greater, therefore most major tool companies have “jumped on the bandwagon,” thus making tools better and cheaper than at any other time. So how do you know if you’re getting a good tool?

First, the best way to tell if the tool is any good is old-fashioned experience.  If you know how the tool is supposed to work, then you would be able to tell if it’s any good with ease.

Secondly, lots of tools look similar. However, upon further inspection, you would see major differences between them. (I.E. a difference in the size of the motor, different features, etc.) Two tools could look identical, but they can be totally different in quality.

As I stated, experience is your best friend, but if you’re still not sure, just take your time, do a little research and ask other woodworkers if they are happy with a certain tool (would they buy the same one/brand again?).

Ask yourself, does it have good features? Does it have unnecessary features?  Most of all, remember the best tools are usually the best tools.

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