Woodworking: tool maintenance

The world of woodworking can sometimes be tough, confusing and down right frustrating. Don’t worry, because I am here to answer all your woodworking questions.

Question: When do you know when it’s time to sharpen a saw blade?

Answer: First, let’s discuss what makes a good saw blade. When buying a new blade, you want make sure you are buying the right one. Saw blades have many variations from one to the next. Most of the variation is in the blade cutter, or tooth.

Some differences in the saw blade are the degree (or angle) of the tooth and the material it is made out of. The first thing you want to do is buy only high quality blades (i.e. carbide teeth; quality brand name; etc.)

It’s hard to just look at a cutter to determine if it’s dull, but it can be done. Take note how easy the blade cuts when it’s new. After using¬† it for awhile, take note of the fact of how it’s not cutting as easy (or as smooth) as it did when it was new.

As a percentage, the blade is dulling . It may now be only 80% or 70%  sharp, but it is no longer 100% sharp. This is the time to think about resharpening your blade. Even though it will still cut, it is not wise to wait much longer simply because the blade will start to work against you. It will stop making smooth cuts and you will have to use more force to cut the material.

This behavior ultimately results in a big safety hazards. Keeping your blades sharp is a prudent thing to do. It is not expensive and will only serve to make your projects better, and keep you safer.

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